The Adventures of

Lwanda Magere

and the

Cave of Wonders



"An explosive prelude..."

Inspired by the mythology of the Luo people of East Africa, “Lwanda Magere and the Cave of Wonders” is an explosive introduction to the first instalment of the “Lwanda Magere” fantasy and adventure book series. The superheroes of traditional African mythology are awaking. Will you witness their return?

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Book ONE:



On the shores of Lake Victoria, in 300 A.D.,  a warrior with indestructible skin and a mortal shadow hides a powerful heirloom from a mysterious and ruthless stranger who will stop at nothing to get it.  Two thousand years later, an unassuming student enrols for an African History degree at the Azania State University. 


When a chance encounter with an ancient artefact at the University Museum leaves him with the ability to transform into the shadow of anything he touches, he goes on a journey to discover who he really is and why he was chosen to have such powers. But there is someone else who is after his gifts: a powerful sorcerer relentless trying to re-incarnate the by-gone heroes of ancient Africa and use them to build an empire that will stretch from Cape to Cairo, leaving death and destruction in its wake.


With time running out and an army of mythical African heroes after him, Luyanda Michaels has to find a way to master the shadows, save his own skin and stop a mad-man before he becomes an unstoppable tyrant.  At the same time, he has to unravel the mystery behind his heritage, and his connection to the mythical warrior named Lwanda Magere.

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