"This is a well-written adorable romantic comedy. It's firmly rooted in a familiar context (yay! for African stories that dare to tell tales beyond drought and politics) Fast-paced action, love and delicious foreshadowing of ancestry... this book has it all.  Would definitely recommend this to people who want to be entertained. "  - JB


Senzo Mabizela is a man of many talents. He can fit in with any crowd, hustle his way out of a tight spot, and bring back lost lovers – or at least pretend to do so long enough to trick lovesick customers out of their money. When his childhood nemesis seeks help to win over Ayanda, the girl they’ve both wanted since their school days, Senzo sees a chance to kill two birds with one con. If he plays his cards right, he can get revenge on his former bully, make a small fortune and win the heart of the woman he loves. But the game of love isn’t quite that simple…

©2020 by Fidel Namisi.

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