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Title: Preface

There is a high and mighty race that walks the face of the earth. Women and men of honour and valour, they come from a different realm, a world parallel to ours, existing beyond the bounds of space and time, as we understand these dimensions. Their home is called “Atusara”, the place without cold. Atusara is not a physical place. It is not up in space, nor is it underground. It is not tucked away in some unexplored corner of the Amazon jungle, nor is it nestled just behind a black hole in the Andromeda galaxy. You cannot not walk there, or fly there, or even teleport there, if the technology existed. No. To get there, you have to make “The Passage.” And once you make The Passage, there is a very slim chance of your ever coming back. And if you do, you will not be the same. Not even “The Brethren” could make the passage and be exactly the same.

That is what this high and mighty race called themselves – “The Brethren.” This was not their actual name, but was the name they gave themselves after they had all been banished from Atusara. Each one of the Brethren had a great and wonderful gift, a gift suited to their peculiar mission. They were sent to the fourth realm, called “Ardhi,” or Earth, to put an end to the endless wars between humans, and usher in an era of unity. Whenever they made the passage to Ardhi, they assumed our forms, our mannerisms and even some of our weaknesses. They took on names that have long since been forgotten by many of us (but not all of us). And just as their souls took on human form, so their gifts also embodied physical shapes. These became their totems, and through them, The Brethren were able to wield their gifts here on earth. As their power on earth grew boundlessly, and so did their estimation in the eyes of men. Soon they were called the sons of the gods, “the mighty”, the “renowned”, the “Narmerian”. Humans soon felt envy and bitterness towards the Brethren. They laid clever traps to discover their weaknesses and destroy them.

One by one, the Brethren fell. They made the passage back to Atusara, leaving their bodies and their totems behind them on earth. But after making the passage back, they found the gates were closed to them, and they could not go back to the land of their fathers. Until they returned to Atusara having completed their mission, symbolised by their totems, they would remain banished in the outer-realm, the ante-chamber of Atusara, the “land without heat” or Agharma. There they would stay for eternity, awaiting another opportunity to return to earth and finish their mission. But once they made the passage back to earth, they would no longer be the same. They would be diminished in form, vigour and strength. And sometimes they would be so weakened that they would need to live alongside and within another human being, someone that was so similar to them that the match would be perfect. Someone that was their kith and kin. Someone that was their Descendant.

This is the story of one of the Descendants. His name was Fikani Stan Oyama. Fikani Stan Oyama, or Stan for short, lived and worked in the sprawling metropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. But we are getting ahead of ourselves because first, we have to finish another story before his can begin properly.